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2007-08-31 01:03 pm
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TBR (again)

[ profile] shanra
Wounded and Wild part 10
Snowdrift - Rhythm, Kaperile
The Black Sheep
Nam and the Confectionary Adventure
The Counting of the Rabbits

The Little White Snake

Vonre moods - 1-25

[ profile] saiena
Little Stone a & b
Scar Sense
Aspects of Death
ch. 5-10
Whispers of Shadow ch. 19-24

[ profile] wispywillow
The Hunted ch. 1 & 2
'fire escape' challenge
'broken' challenge

[ profile] ladylight
Hand over Heart
Tintauri's Squire

[ profile] adaneth_djd
The Shado of Sorrow ch. 16-18

[ profile] rosiphelee
The Wind's Road ch. 16
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2006-07-21 09:50 am

(no subject)

Am alive. Nabbing a computer briefly. Dunno when I'll get another post-chance, but hey, all is well. ^_^

Hope you guys are all ok. Bye. xx
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2006-06-15 08:46 pm


With broadband I shall rule the world...!